Creating mobile applications were once limited to techie individuals who had extensive knowledge about such topic. Now, with the launch of, an internet-based platform that allows mobile applications to be created within a few minutes, even those with no special knowledge can successfully create mobile apps and earn from them.

The website offers an easy process wherein the app creator only needs to choose a template, input app information, and upload app to app stores.

Users can choose from manyl templates including the business app that is meant for business people who want to create an app that enables them to get in touch with clients and team members at all times. Meeting can also be scheduled through the application. The app comes with a calendar where info can be stored.

The Artist’s Portfolio is designed for those who love art. Photographers, writers, and singers, and painters can get enough exposure through the app. Push Notification is provided to people with the app as well as many other features including social sharing and access to blog and newsletters.

A template for restaurants & bars is also available. The app allows different menus to be created and updated anytime. Other features include table booking, customer feedback, and photo gallery.

For those who want to create an app that allows the user to access news channels, the blog template is available. Through the app, the latest news can be downloaded and accessed if offline. Updates from different sites are possible through feed integration.

The quiz app is utilized when creating a quiz. An app especially made for friends or a particular community can be created with the template. Promotions are also possible with the use of the app through competitions.

The e-book app is the template needed to make and sell e-books. Distribution is also offered for free. Last is the music band template designed for music bands and their supporters. The latest release, band performance, and social sharing are found in the app.

and many more templates available.

To get started, provides customers with several plans to choose from starting with the  Basic plan with a price of $9.99 per month, two apps creation, unlimited updates and possibility to embed own banner inside an app.The Plus plan is $29.99 per month that allows 5 apps to be created, unlimited numbers of updates and own banner integration.

A Premium package worth 49.99 per month covers 9 apps, unlimited updates and own banner integration. Last is the Unlimited plan. For $149 each month, one can make unlimited apps, unlimited updates and own banner integration.

If you are someone who has made money making and selling apps or someone who wants to earn money from this venture, is the site for you. Using you can create mobile apps and HTML5 apps without the need for special knowledge. Monetizing your apps is simple and affordable. Visit us today at is owned by Magically Designed Creative Media Design based in London.

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