Multiple ways to monetize your app
(Case study - Business Finder template)

With the App Store approaching a million apps
and growing pain of getting fewer downloads day by day, it is very important to multi-monetize your app.

In this case study, we would like to:
* introduce you to our new template called
“Business Finder”
* describe multiple ways of monetizing it
* encourage you to set up a mobile apps development firm
and where to find clients

As a real app example made using this template, we are
using Leeds Clubs Finder app available for iPhone and Android.

Leeds Clubs Finder

Scan QR to download:




Leeds Clubs Finder is very useful app for all the clubs goes visiting the city of
The user can browse through all the clubs in town, get a taxi, locate a club,
within a specific radius, buy useful guides or book a hotel.
Clubs owners can purchase advertising space within the app or buy push messaging
Developer of the app can monetize it in multiple ways and the best part is that
creation of the app is free and does not require special skills.


How to monetize this app


 Using this template, you can
utilize your affiliate links in
many ways. In this particular
app, there is hotel search
function. Whenever a user
books a room, the developer
gets commission.


 Push notifications can be
used to send offers and
affiliate links to all the people
who downloaded the app.
You can charge clubs owners
for this service.




The app, while getting downloads,
is spreading the word
about your mobile app developing
company or any other
brand. The goal is to build
authority in your niche and
then promote and sell other


This particular app is distributed
for free but you could put
a price tag on it and monetize
it this way as well.




Feel free to simply ask app
users to “buy you coffee”. Do
it in funny or interesting way
and you will be surprised how
profitable it may be. You can
use an In-App purchase for
that. See our “Magic Of Rahat
Fan” app.





One of the buttons of this app
is called “Tips/Advice” and
provides a variety of paid
eBooks. The topic has been
selected to accommodate
interests of clubs goers.




The app is promoting services
provided by the developer.
There is a button “Powered
by..” and “Are you business
owners?” on top of this each
club info page has those
buttons as well.




After your app becomes
well-known in your niche, selling
ad space will be profitable
stream of income. It can be ad
space or push messaging.




“Get on the list“ button provides
opt-in forms for various
topics. Users sign up for
those they like and
then you send them offers.



We did not use this method of
monetizing in this app but facility provides
you with PPC banners
from major ads companies.


Other ways to use this template

“Business Finder” template can be used in many different markets.
Apart of all the businesses out there, you could make: Cinema finder,
Coffee shop finder, Phone booth finder, Mail boxes finder, Famous people
houses finder and the list goes on and on...

Video tutorial Step by Step How to customize this template

coming soon...