Frequently Asked Question

1.62 Signature Stamp

Getting a signature from your clients can be now as simple as signing a paper document with Apps Volcano “Signature Stamp” type of page. You can not only sign but also send through mail your signature.

You can find bellow all it's features and learn how to make this page fully functional in your application.
* To insert the signature stamp in the app, you can just select the “Signature Stamp” page type from Page Type Resource Manager when creating a new page.
* Now, you can see a default HTML page that can be customizable as easily as usual  HTML page type. The difference you will notice by opening this page on mobile devices. 
Signature Stamp uses touchscreen of your mobile device for capturing the signature. After that you can send through e-mail the signature or the signed document, petition, e.t.c.
How to use:
 - Open the Signature Stamp page on your application. 
 - Tap on the designed for signing part of the page.
 - After tapping this page will be displayed
 - Enter your signature and approve it
- As you can see, now our petition is signed.
 - Send it through e-mail